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About Kids Health for Haiti


To provide ongoing primary medical care and education for Haitian children.


  1. Provide longitudinal pediatric care and health education to children in Haiti through a medical home model.
  2. Expand medical access for the children we serve by hiring and training in country health care professionals for year round care.
  3. Work collaboratively with partners in Haiti to offer primary pediatric care through school based clinics and community health centers.
  4. Promote basic health literacy through education.
  5. Provide international volunteer opportunities for medical professionals and trainees.
  6. Promote the exchange of health education information between Haitian and American medical professionals. 

Our History

Kids Health for Haiti (KHH) was founded on July 1, 2010 and is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.  KHH started working in Haiti in 2010 through a partnership with Power of Education Foundation(PEF) in Fontamara, Haiti. 

The PEF school served 90 students the first year and continues to grow each year.  Currently, KHH provides medical care for over 240 students at the PEF school.  Teams of medical professionals travel to the school clinic to evaluate the students twice a year.  The students receive preventive medical care during the school year.

Basic health education is also a priority for KHH.  Students and their families receive education on health topics, like hygiene, family planning, and safe food and water practices. 

Our work at the PEF school in Fontamara has already yielded great results.  With the implementation of daily multivitamins with iron, twice yearly deworming and yearly physical exams, as well as a daily meal at school, the students are growing and anemia is improving.  Please see our results section.

In April 2013, KHH began a partnership with Immaculate Conception and now serves the 200 students in preschool through eighth grade. The Immaculate Conception school is expanding and will soon accommodate students through ninth grade.  We also partner with OSAPO, a Haitian run community health center.  Further partnerships with Haitian physicians and adding a school nurse to serve the students all school year are next steps.  KHH works to improve the health of school children in Haiti while also giving medical staff exposure to international medicine.   

OSAPO is located in Rousseau, Haiti.