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October team to PEF school clinic

October team to PEF school clinic
Aimee Tow - Tue Jan 07, 2014 @ 06:56PM
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October medical team to Power of Education Foundation school clinic

A team of 5 traveled to PEF in October 2013 to continue the ongoing care for the students at the school. The team was very busy as the school has grown to include kindergarten through sixth grade. The week was spend evaluating each of the 55 new students, seeing children with acute issues, and getting blood pressure, height and weight measurements of each of the students. This is not a small feat when there are 189 students! One of the students was identified as having a congenital heart defect during a previous medical trip to the school. We are so happy that she was able to get her Tetralogy of Fallot repaired in the Dominican Republic ! Mom, dad, and the kids are so happy! Dad stated that he no longer has to carry his daughter to school. She runs and plays now!

KHH has been providing health care to the students at the PEF school since the school opened in October 2010. Medical teams travel to the school each April and October. 

Comments: 22


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